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What game would improve by making it multiplayer!

Okay my fellow forum friends

time to put your tihnking caps on, as I sat here idling the other day (i do that a lot on here as all ) with all the old-skool remakes and new ideas ... well i was a pondering,

What single player games would make *simultaneous* or Turn Based multiplayer games?!

So with this thought i did a ponder, now to qualify a game: well some games are 2 player or even 4 player, but what i was thinking is making it multiplayer by machine so you would link up in say null-modem cable fashion to play... so something like 4 player dyna-blaster could become an 8 player explosive nightmare. however the limmitations are obvious, imagine UFO with more that 2 players would get a little narky having to wait for slow Tom after an agonizing spanking from Richard again!

so what games would benefit in you mind from mulitplayer or extra-muliplay-ocity!?

(and before you ask, yes i had to google the spelling of 'simultaneous')

anyway to get those brain juices flowing heres some thoughts, but i would love to read other peoples

Games Ripe for Multiplayer Gamming
  • K240
    so does need a 2 player null modem play! ( or more!!!) 4 players would be cool
  • Utopia
    pretty much the same as k240!
  • Theme Park
    this would be fun, if you could set the game time to 3 years game time and each park was on the oposite side of the road... so you could watch your punters pull up via bus, only to wander into you oponents park.. grrr... hilarious!
  • Megalomainia
    Ths sooooo need a multiplayer mode, upto 4 players would be fantastic!! imagine the adrenalin buzz as you build up to nuclear status... only to hear an opponent claim "We've Nuked them!" awsome
  • Superfrog
    now here i would like to see a mode similar to either wizball or even sonic and tales from the megadrive era!
  • Super cars 2
    imagine this bad boy on 8 players!!! it would be riotious!!!
  • Eye of the Beholder 2
    A lot of Dungeon crawlers could benifit from this type of interaction, I am just imagining right now if it would be possible to have an online server hosting all this in a MMO persistant package... it would either bring a resurgence to MUD'esq or some really cool forced effected voice coms
  • Elite
    this needs NO explination, but i would love to see an elite space arena! medals and chamionships awsome! me thinks..
anyway theres some food for thought... now its over to you.... what game would you see improved by a multiplayer or extra multiplayer-ness?
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