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Should I or shouldn't I?!

I've recently got back into the Amiga scene after a number of years out due to all my Amigas being skipped by the ex and having a big change in my life. But over the past week I've felt the Amiga calling me again.

Im now debating whether to buy myself a new Amiga or just go and get myself Amiga forever 2006.

Out of all the machines I've had, I've never had a passion like I've had for the Amigas, whether thats down to nostalgia I do not know. But I know one thing, that feeling has never been replicated. I now have a Wii and an Xbox 360 but neither comes close to giving me that same buzz!

The machine I'm thinking of buying is as follows:-
A1200 (new old stock)
Amiga OS 3.1
40gb hard drive
Refurbished 4mb memory card
Total price 253.69

Is it worth the money? Should I or shouldn't I? What would you do? Go for the real thing or emulation?

Thanks for your help in advance guys.

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