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Oh, here's an update of things I've done with my A500:

Viewed HUGE images up to 8800x6800 - in original size in original 24 bit depth!! (scrolling screen on ImageFX DCTV preview)
Logged on to eBay with 256-bit HTTPS, bid & won items (nice "swipe" with 3 seconds to go )
Encoded MP3s (although extremely slowly)
Downloaded files > 60Mb from the internet
Played audio files > 50Mb (16bit 44100Hz AIFF - in 14bit stereo, absolutely no skip or stutter)

I don't know if that falls into the category you have in mind, but the USB ports I installed to my Amiga impress & confuse the hell out of people.
USB ports on an Amiga is pretty impressive. I remember being stunned when I first heard that it was possible. I badly wanted an A1200 in original case with USB ports, but unfortunately I never did get an A1200. I can't get USB for my A500 because it requires an 030 minimum and I've only got an 020.

In 1989 I performed live on stage with a hip hop act using an Amiga 2000 running Oktalyzer, and a Yamaha DX7 synth using sounds I programmed myself. I would cut channels in and out using the function keys and solo or play synth riffs on the DX7. I was 14 years old at the time :-)
Even thought I don't like "hip hop", I'm still impressed.

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