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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Indeed keep the original game and AGA graphics and add a nice 3 or 4 player game mode and to add real style an 8 player null modem playmode too thats what it should of been about...

Chaos Engine 2: The Facture of Time OR The Infernal Machine

hell heres an easy plot...

engine/brain manages to inseed itself at the last mminute in the past...

as our hero's rejoice at the destruction of the engine, little did they know that quantum realities began sprining up all over the plannet... (and under the water for some extra cool levels with like victorian subs!!! sweet)

anyway our heros have to find a professor (hence first level) that can predict quantum time windows so our heros can go back and beat the infernal machine down!

damn its begining to sound soooooo good i want to play it now!!!!
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