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Lol on mission 6. I only play like one hour per day, so it takes quite some time to finish this game.

Anyway, again: LOL on mission 6. I'm playing against the blue house and he has a huge fully built base, several fields of spice to harvest from, while I have a tiny little patch, and waaaaaay to the right of me, there is another tiny little patch. LOL. When those two has been harvested I have enough money to build some building and some vehicles, then STOP. And whith what I can build, it's not enough to defeat the computer.... guess I have to build one of them super expensive Deviators and with huge amount of luck take over some of his units, preferably a devestator and blow something up, but it only lasts a few seconds, or till someone shoots at it.

Super mega 2000 hard!...

The approx spice I have to harvest is:
The approx spice the computer have to harvest is:

And I can't go down there and harvest his, as he will blow me away.
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