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Getting a lot of gurus on A500!

Hi guys, I have been downloading adf images from the internet and writing them on disk on A1200 so I can play some games. But the strange thing is that I am getting a lot of gurus. In the middle of the game or when I try to start the game, it doesn,t matter when. I removed the 512k memory thinking it was not compatible with old games but it didn't help. What do you think is the problem? Thanks.
PS (when I am playing sensible soccer '95 colors are weird too) I write the disk on A1200 and play them A500. Is there any way to switch the machine to Pal? Yep I have tried some for example sensible soccer '95 works just fine on A1200 (using relokick) but on A500 everything is weird colors and etc... I am using a 1084S monitor but when I hit the space bar where it asks for a disk nothing happens.

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