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Big grin Torrents, torments, mods, modules...

Not only the Mods Anthology is *still* available at the Underground-Gamer, but also there's *also* a nice unique collection of scene modules from the scene people available there :]

Info from the creator of this package:

for the masses

Finally i`ve reached the end. I`ve made it, uhhhh. A great peace of work is
finished so enjoy this list.

first of all i wanna thank Zinko/Kefrens + Polka Brothers for his modulelist.
Without it i wouldn`t be able to make this because if i had a module without
a composer i`ve looked in Zinkos list and it worked.

This is a selection done by me from different CD Roms and a part of the modules
(all modules from Poland) are sended to me by different persons. Much of them
comming from parties, meetings and BBSs now.

Version 4.00 (CD-ROM VOL1)
DATE: 2nD Of mAY 1997 MODULES: 6064



If ya wanna get in touch with me then ask eLITE

For a complete list of modules, view the "CEL-MODS.TXT" file inside the torrent.

P.S.: Don't have an account there? PM me or someone else
P.P.S.: Quite a useful little hint...
When there's just a few seeding people, use the following code to request more seeders:<type_torrent_number_here>
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