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No such thing as an original modern game!

Ok, Doom, Half-Life.... original? Lets go back further, Wolfenstein?

Nah...... All of these kind of games are a derivative of one game...... PacMan!

All these games are are 3D versions of PacMan, Kill the ghosts=kill the badguys/aliens, pick up a power pill=pick up extras, collect all the pills to finish the level=collect everything to finish the level.

It doesn't matter what game you think of, with only a very few exceptions, nothing is original.

As for original games, and how software companies like to stick at what works..... Lemmings nearly didn't get released by Psygnosis at all....... Typical Psygnosis couldn't see beyond the graphics...... turns out it was their biggest ever game release!

Software companies are not interested in being original, they just want to copy other games because they know it will sell.

Its only like the people that created Half-Life that actually make a difference, small team, almost back to the days of the backroom bedroom programmer turning out an amazing game, where software company doctorate dictates how it should look and play.
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