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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Congratulations mate, good to see some credit You should get it added to HOL. Now I'm a HOL SUPER CONTRIBUTOR I'll take MILLIONS of screenshots of it and email them all to Belgarath each week until he creates an entry for it
Thanks! That's a good idea actually, I would love to see it in HOL, I may investigate this

I hate it when stuff like this happens. 99% of people using Amiga emulation wouldn't touch Amiga Forever with a barge pole. The other 1% should know better

WinUAE is the heart of amiga emulation, ClAOANOTN just stick a shiny bow on it and take the credit. When the kickstart freedom revolution happens ClAONTONAO will be the first to fall
You can understand why they would mention Amiga Forever, after all it's legal and a professional magazine isn't going to publicly condone downloading Kicstart ROMs and such - but really, it isn't too much to ask to give Toni the credit for writing it is it? He's spent years on WinUAE and is still fully committed to updating and supporting it and it makes me sick to see rip-off merchants like Cloanto getting all the credit. But anyway...
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