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Got this issue today, have to say it's a good read, both the mag in general and the Amiga article. I was well chuffed though - this quote from page 39:

Originally Posted by Retro Gamer issue 39
The last three years have seen a handful of decent shareware releases such as Metal Warrior and Tank Wars...
So my game Tank Wars gets another mention (even if it's not actually shareware - this writer could do with learning the difference between freeware and shareware, they're not the same thing).

Didn't like how he gave Amiga Forever the credit for advancing the Amiga emulation scene though, I mean Cloanto don't write WinUAE do they?

And has anyone seen the pic of those two limited edition German A500s on page 39 (bottom right)? They look awesome, does anyone own one of these? I never knew they existed before.
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