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Originally Posted by D-Dan
and it can be done if you start WinUAE.exe with the -disableharddrivesafetycheck command line option to show the hdd anyway.

But as Jope says - be very careful you don't touch your Windows drive - ALL drives will be available to HDToolBox to prep/trash for you.
Has this option been removed from the latest version? I've got Winuae installed on my XP based desktop, Winuae v1.2 and it accepts the command line switch, but on the Winuae v1.4.2a version on my Vista laptop, if I use the switch it comes up with the message that it can't find any emtpy or RDB drives. Is that a WinUAE or Vista thing?

Annoyingly, my laptop can read CF cards, but the desktop can't

Ah, just looked at the top of this post, it mentions that WinUAE can only do Amiga disks on XP or 2000, would that be the problem? If so, it's time to either (a) get hold of a CF reader for the desktop or (b) bung Virtual PC on the laptop and dig out the old Win2K disks!

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