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1. I think you can do it in about 4-5 hours if not restarting from a savegame at all. There are 9 levels / scenarios and the first two can be done in about 15 minutes.

2. Tips / tactics: Instead of buying harvesters from the hv. factory build another refinery (counts as spice storage also). In the 4 last levels I used to build 3 refineries as quick as possible. When you get repair facility, wall it in, so the units when repaired are placed where they were last fetched by the caryall(I think it's from level 6 and above). Build 2-3 hv. factories and wall them in on the later levels so units are placed short build build build... as fast as possible

Ordos Lvl 3: You have the weakest units (raider trike vs. quad) - so you need to overproduce raider trikes with 2-3 lt. factories and swam them from behind ... use a raider trike to scout...

Ordos Lvl 4: Ahhh... tanks - it should be easy to overcome the enemy just swarm them :-)

It's first when you get to the levels where the enemy has turrets and rocket turrets and you don't have rocket tanks (launchers) it gets hard to play with Ordos Lvl. 5 and above you have to swarm their turrets with tanks and then go for the silos and refinary and construction yard. If you get their constr. yard they won't be able to rebuild anything And then swarm again

In the last levels where you get ornis build 5-6 hi-tech factories and make them build ornis and set them on on hold when they reach about 95 % . Then release them at the same time to swarm the enemy with ornis...but that can only be effective, when alle the enemies rocket turrets are gone...

In general, the AI is very primitive so that could be exploited in some corners as well

So in short : Produce, produce, produce! Then Swarm, swarm swarm...
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