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So, ehm. three questions:

1. How long does it approx take to get through this game?

2. Seem like Ordos will win, so give me all the tactis/tips you got on them, just incase I would run into trouble . I usually just build stuff and attack, heh, not much tactics or using the right unit against the right target... but that was long ago, and with Harkonen.... and will probably not work now I've heard .

3. The music in the Amiga version sucks big time, and feck, there is only ONE bloody tune while playing throughout the entire game!. The PC version has several. So would it be ok for you guys if I added alternate soundtrack?. Maybe the PC music?... got any tips and links???

Heh, just noticed something. The names in the poll were taken from the back cover of Dune 2, but in the game it says Harkonen is called Harkonnen.... which I believe is right... so, a missprint on the back cover eh? .

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