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Play as Ordos - they are far the hardest to complete the game with IMO

Here's my reasons:
A lot of years ago, I completed the game with Harkonen many times (it's too easy when you get Death Hand misile and Devastator (strongest tank), with Atreides several times (Sonic tanks and fremen are really nice - and the enemy turrets doesn't fire at your fremen (not at the PC version - perhaps it is different on the miggy) ) and only once or twice with Ordos (saboteurs are almost useless and almost no launchers until you get starport very late in the game)

In the last levels you have to struggle just to survive the start attacks with Ordos and when you get through that point, there's almost no spice left for you to harvest and you get no launchers so it's very hard to destroy a base with rocket turrets - and you don't have the money to brute force it with siege tanks

However, if you manage to destroy all the enemies' rocket turrets, you can win by attacking with 2-3 ornis and the enemies are doomed - I once attacked with 7 ornis concurrently ... heeh heeh

So that's why you should play with Ordos - and green is such a beatiful color
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