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Here are some good ones not yet mentioned:

BoulderDäsh: ultimate Boulderdash for Amiga
Xenostar: excellent clone of 1982 arcade Sinistar (game not listed in HOL)
Babeanoid: Arkanoid-type game with amazing graphics (best AMOS game ever)
DawnVideoPoker: nice video poker game (by Babeanoid author)
WallyWare Solitaire: best (OCS/ECS) Amiga solitaire
Asteriods: clone of 1980 arcade Asteroids - 1987 version by Rico Mariani (not on Aminet or in HOL)
Mine Runner: Lode Runner clone (I prefer earlier 1.0 version, 1.8 is "too fancy")
Zerberk: OK clone of 1980 arcade Berzerk (main character looks suspiciously like Mine Runner guy)
Space Invaders: most accurate Amiga clone of arcade Space Invaders

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