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Re: so all you have to do is replace the kick chips ?

Originally posted by hal
once i put a kick 1.3 instead of 1.2 in my a500 stopped to show video andthe disk drive silenced (should i say flatlined)
but when i put the original back it came to life (god i was relieved)
actually what i put instead was a switcher with kick 2 and 1.3
those were my reckless hardware butchering days so i did many not so wise things. thanks to ebay i still have an amiga (lost two due to my own stupidity)
it´s possiple that the chips were defective but i suspect it to be just incompatibility ayone know if this is the case know how to find info on what should go where ?
Actually the cost of Kickstart rom's is not that much, a company in the states named Software Hut has them for sale along with the OS3.9 CD. Of course this requires that you have either WB 3.0 or WB 3.1 already installed on the computer as this also requires a HD to install to. But if you are just after the rom's then that will work as well. Check out their web site for more info.
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