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640x512 is HiRes Interlaced, a resolution used seldomly (if at all) in games. The real resolution most games use, is 320x256 (PAL).

However some games like Agony use a bit more trickery stuff, and mix 2 screen resolutions at once (lowres and lowres laced)

A window at 640x256 should catter for most gaming tastes though. You can have a Workbench screen (640x256, Hires mode), and a normal game screen, both showing properly.

I use 640x300 in Fellow, anyway. It's the best one I have found, for any need (since I use apps in WinUAE with RTG modes). The regedit method does NOT work on my Diamond Stealth 3D 3000 card. Perhaps it works only on newer videocards.
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