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And as for the Japanese, we all know they're a twisted bunch who consider almost anything entertainment (seen their reality tv shows?). They have an essentially dehumanised society and the commercial success of silly phenomena like Pokemon is proof of their low standards. They have made some good games, but their games offer the player no real freedom and have an "on-rails" feeling, especially as regards code-of-conduct. And I don't think Amigas were even sold there, were they?
Thats the most uncalled for, racist comment I've ever seen on this board... dont talk about something you dont have a clue about, matey!

I live out here, and the way people live is so much better than over back home (in England)... Yes they have "crazy" TV shows... but thats entertainment. - you may say that its insane, but look at Jackass... they go WAY over the line - changing entertainment into more of a freakshow.

English TV? You can FORGET! .. Soaps ... soaps soaps... news ... bleh. its so DEPRESSING!

Pokemon is popular with kids over here, thats where it stops... From highschool - adults they still watch anime but more adult / drama style, and also read a load of manga too (comics)... much different from denace the menace and pokemon mind- each usually having a DEEP story.

My favs:
Initial D

Now back to the topic... If it WASNT for the Japanese gaming industry, we wouldnt have any choices outside FPS/ endless racing games that are similar etc, and the quest for "realism". What you've failed to look at is over here, theyre more into GAMEPLAY and FUN / / a few steps away from REALISM and GRAPHICS....

see: Katamari Damacy

Currently in the arcade, there are 10 arcade machines stuck together just soley for playing Mahjong... and theyre always being used! ... Tekken 5 DR is still being played... The air hockey table is still as popular.... A newish version of Metal Slug is out (yep, same graphics but still as fun!), and them rhythm games are still as popular (no, not just DDR, but guitar freaks, taiko no tatsujin, DJing, etc)

ps: No, I dont think Amigas were sold in Asia, just in Europe and America. ... however a few famous Japanese musicians have used Amigas to create their music in the past

pps: RE: the "rails" thing... Most, if not ALL games follow a way to do everything, ... "Deus Ex" or the "GTA" series were the only games for the PC that I felt I could have an impact of how to get to the goal, but its still going the same direction with the story.... If you'd have played more more different games you'd probably realise there's a load of games where you can choose the way to get to the goal... Heres a couple:

River City Ransom on the NES (recently completed)
Final Fantasy *any FF game!* : Playstation, NES, SNES

will add more but i cant be arsed at the mo

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