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Ya' like it Retr0?
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you know i have feeling that this would be the case for me also.... its a damn hard (yet tastey) shmup!


I have been saving up for this, and when i get a little more pocket money i do so intend to buy it , my bother recomends it to, he said he had to put it on easy to beat it... but when I can roll him in under 5 mins, hmmmm.... I do look forward to owning this game, it will complete my C&C collection!

HoM ? M5 ? not sure what these are.

Battle for Middle Earth 2
Good but linear and predicatable but MUCH better than the original

Star Craft
Enjoyable with a good learning curve, lots of tactical employments wich give a good variety of game play. most RTS's i play I compare to this.

2100 / 2150
A great game, but damn long winded. where a multiplayer game can run into several hours!

some other classics i care to mention are Commando's and Hidden and Dangerious 2... both different variations on a theme lol but ironically the same... H&D2 had a slightly harder learning curve where by the top down view of commandos with the missions virtually explaned to you before you start!

hmmm i tihnk i shall have another crack at R-type Final
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