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Initially I would play a game on normal, but if i find it too simple, I usually crank it up to hard, I have to admit, as it has been said here, most fps and rts games are too simple that I slam them on hard stright away. and yes...

I have beaten doom on Nightmare setting where the creatures respawn, it was far from easy! but that literally is kaning a game to death,

doom 3 and quake 3 arena (and quake 4) are two of the worse normal mode settings of fps i have played, to get any feeling of challenge you have to krank them right up the levels!!!

I am yet to find a good stratagy game that makes demands, since there all easy!

(if anyone mentions AOE or anything that uses the or like the AOE/2 engine i will strangle you with your own intestines, since they are over used CRAPOLA! putting it reallly nicely)

this being said, I recently got a copy of R-TYPE final for my PS2... that spanks the crap out of me on normal!!! but i REFUSE to try it on easy after all I am a gamming GOD not a newb!!!!!! (a gaming god that gets owned on normal and prolly easy if i tried it LOL )
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