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My short story..

Hiya, I am new here, but not so new in amiga world..

Most of my deals were great I guess

Early 90`s - got from somewhere black, fancy console called pegasus, which was korean clone of NES. Manage to swam it for cool air rifle, which was fun for a while, but best of it - at some point swapped it to A600, 2mb chip, ab 200discs (including my favorites - k240, ishar2 and 3, sim city,goblins, etc.)

Later on .. lost somehow that A600, but got from my sist boyfriend - exotic MSX2 (philips nms8280, still remember) with video digitalizer, 150 discs (2x3,5" 720kb drives!) that was really cool. Even if most of software was in italian (he was italian) and japanise. I loved that machine, but Amiga..oh well
So I sold it for spoiled kid, my neighbour who had rich dad and always make him buy stuff he want, that was great deal for that time. With some extra money from my mother I manage to get brand new CD32+keyboard+mouse+system cd (workbench and all software to make life easier and run demos, A1200 games, etc.) it was ab 1994 I guess, so it was really something!
I never forget Diggers - what a sound and atmosphere!

Heh, it was funny with my CD32. One day I came back from post office with brand new Rise of the Robots cd, me and my bro got ready to play and then we realised - CD32 is gone! Someone robbed our house!
Few months after we got it back, but it wasn`t same one, and it has more cd`s hehe. To make it even better, two months after we got another one, which was ours Police must of mixed everything, well, can`t complain.

Need to back to work now, tell You some more stories later. Amiga is more then computer, isn`t?
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