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Originally Posted by GraveR
It's in the zone. Both cut to about 5 minutes (songs seem to keep going forever).

Encoded with oggdropXPd V.1.8.9 using aoTuVb5, Q4.0
Thanks, but that won't do.

hipc.trapped_in_china is 6:48 min long.
hipc.ingame tune 1 is min 2:18 long.

So, they don't loop forever... not if you play them with Deliplayer that is.

Also, your tunes has too much bass and they sound like they have that Reverb effect on them (echoing)....

I will have to do it myself... not much trouble really, I'm just lazy, but it's seems to be more trouble asking for someone else to do it than doing it myself :P.

I'll just install a player in winuae and play them there and capture the music...
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