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Tested the latest ISO on my real CD32. I've found that the orange colour I chose for the background this time makes it really difficult to read the menu text on a TV, so I'll remember that next time. I've also found that:

- Lotus 1 and 2 don't work - maybe because I burnt the CD at full speed?
- The CD32 drive is really slow. Really really slow. Man, that's a slow CD drive they put in there. Did I mention it was slow?
- The menu system loads really quickly, which is great - the problem I had with the existing compilations is that the menu takes forever to appear, and then the games take even longer to load. I don't care about the menu, I just want to play the games.

I wonder if I can use a trick that DreamCast pirates employed (fill the inner part of the disc with a large junk file, pushing the real data out to the faster rim) in order to improve loading times? It'll mean getting much less data on the disc, but hey - CDs are cheap.
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