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Paul was diagnosed at 4 years old, had to endure daily physiotherapy, wear night splints to stop his ankles contracting, progressed to callipers, went off his feet at about 8 years old and was confined to a wheelchair from then onwards. At 26, he could only use a computer if you put his hand on the mouse – then he was brilliant! He couldn't do anything personal for himself, was on a liquid diet and used a ventilator at night and a few times during the day.

And none of us had the slightest idea about it, had he?

But well ... it probably was the best thing that could be done, because everybody has solely witnessed Paul's human "soft-skills" (such as empathy) instead of witnessing his physical presence and maybe become biased afterwards.

BTW...can't we say Paul was lucky despite his disability? Supposed all this happened 30 years ago, NO PERSONAL COMPUTERS and probably hardly any way to make something useful out of his life.
Now we have the Internet, and despite his physical disabilities, he was able to be creative by creating web sites!! And he probably did this miles better than others who would never be able to craft a decent layout! Until the early 1990s, web sites did not exist! So he can be lucky to have lived in the proper epoch, can't he?

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