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Originally Posted by DamienD
I know there are a few guys on here who actually have arcade cabinets like Konrad and spiff (if I remember correctly). I'm sure they add some input
Actually I have an arcade cab AND a hotrodSE (yay geekscore)

Damien pretty much nailed it on his first reply, the hotrod is great! The only thing to add is that you really should go for the 2p variant. First off because arcade games are made for 2p and second because a few games actually can use two joysticks. The second one can simulate the spinner/rotary joysticks in smashTV. Mame also has a lot of special shortcuts you can use with the hotrod (or jamma interface) like insert coin, quit and so on so you don't need to use the keyboard.

As for the "real" arcade compared to the hotrod, it's the same thing, same parts (hap i think). If you really want to be picky some ppl prefer the less resistance and bigger buttons of the sega naomi cabs (astro city) But most retro gamers prefer the click feedback (from the micro switches) and streetfighter 6 layout of the hotrod.

(the button thing is kinda religious in arcade circles)

Oh and make sure to pay for some decent transportation, the hotrod is heavy and we all love how the mail service treats packages.

Just do it!

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