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Great. Now I can annoy you with more bug reports/suggestions ;P.

1. Window/Fullscreen is indeed swapped .

2. The stretching mentioned bei Retro-Nerd messes up the scanlines. I tried them in 640x480. They're also stretched which makes the whole picture look strange.

3. When Valdyn stands on a rotating platform in the City the player sprite is positioned too low (partly in the platform).

4. After flying with the dragon (reaching the tower with the rising water), the ingame-music is already played on the introduction screen.

5. Valdyn can't always stand on the columns where the lava rises. I try to jump on them but nothing happens. Also he often falls down from them. Frustrating .

6. After this the blue miniboss appears. The (fire?-)ball he shoots doesn't do any damage though.
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