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I know nothing about writing or debugging installer scripts so excuse me if I'm wrong with my analysis...

Try changing the line to:

(dest (tackon target ""))
From what I can see, tackon seems like an append function which returns a string of the 2 values joined together.

Of course, even with that done, you've got 2 other problems to worry about...

"" doesn't exist in the archive. So the install will fail there. Assuming you did what I did and decide you'll get any .info file for a directory and call it Good thinking, except it does little good because right after the copy, we have a:

Now, like I said, I don't know much about Installer scripts but I believe this exits, and sure enough, it did when I tried my "fixes".

I then tried removing the exit and reran. Another bug pops up. Somewhere else in the script it complains about tackon. I don't know where as my installer didn't give me a line number (I guess I should update my installer, eh?).

That's where I've stopped.
It may be a simple fix, or the script may be riddled with bugs. Any install script experts around?
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