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Some more suggestions, I hope you don't mind...

1. Can't the spikes on the ground be animated smoother ?

2. You can reach the hitzone on the neck of the level1 boss with an over-head-swing with your sword, but nothing happens. Also, when the boss lands you're invincible to it. Is that intended ? If so I suggest that the player looses energy when touching the boss with the exception of the head to get up on it. This way you can't get to a position where you can reach the hitzone with an over-head-swing.

Level 2:
The projectiles of the "cannons/turrets" on the ground (in lack of a better word ) disappear when destroying the turret.

The menus in between are high-resolution which doesn't fit the lowres graphics of the rest of the game. But I like this new element .
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