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Originally Posted by Paul_s
Was looking at the Hotrod earlier too! Nice pad although I wish they did a solo version of it
Yeah, no solo version

Originally Posted by Paul_s
There are some x-arcade modded one's with a ball mount instead of the long shaft thingys you get as standard. Can you mod the Hotrod like this too?
Interesting, I'm sure you could though never tried to take it apart... You can get arcade quality items / parts from here: Happ PC Arcade Products

If you're feeling very adventurous you could even build your own: Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ

Originally Posted by Paul_s
That solitaire unit looks the bomb! but at the prices
Yeah, I like the spinner. I want a spinner build into a joystick for use with games like Ikari Warriors, Heavy Barrel, Midnight Resistance etc

Originally Posted by Paul_s
Think this will be between the Hotrod SE/x-arcade... hmmm out of interest is there a distributor in the UK for the hotrod joysticks???
Hmmm, not that I'm aware of. I had to get mine shipped from the USA but this was 6 years ago. You can definitely purchase the XArcade from the UK though...
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