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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha
Me neither. I don't understand why so many people rave about them. I bought one of the new USB ones and sold it within the same week. There's virtually no give in the stick. Are you supposed lube them up with KY Jelly or something?

In yonder olden days I played with a Quickshot Python, a few Cruisers, and a transparent Crystal something-or-other. They were all far superior IMO. I wish someone would make a USB version of one of these. You can't buy basic joysticks anymore - your choices are either one with 50 buttons and a dozen throttles and modifiers or a joypad.
Aye Quickshot joysticks made some of my favourites QS-138F was probably my fave which I still use to this day on the miggy. I remember buying a clear cased comp pro in 1993 and didn't use it after a few goes, my arm felt like dropping off with an hours use!

Same with the Zipsticks too - those were like tugging on a piece of over well done steak!
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