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Hello Paul_s,

I have one of these: HotRodSE

It's absolutely wicked, had it for about 6 years now and still going strong without any issues after many hard gaming sessions with friends (some who are joystick, button bashers / killers)... One of the best things I've ever purchased

The HotRodSE is the original, the XArcade came out afterwards. XArcade; I heard years ago that there were *slight* issues with responsiveness but I'm sure it has been fixed by now.

The XArcade has some advantages over the HotRodSE though:

... Re-programmable controls / button mappings.
... Can use it with PC and various consoles via special adapters.

Also, if you can afford one the SlikStik is pretty cool: SlikStik Professional Arcade Products. Take a look at the Quad Unit, the Fighter Unit and the Solitaire Unit
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