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Originally Posted by sjakie43
Hi Andreas,


I will put this info in the master database for later !

OK, cool thanks.
I looked it up again and I found out that DisasterMaster virus is RESPONSIBLE for the first line in startup-sequence showing 'cls *'! Apparently the virus (i. e. the bogus "cls" program") was deleted from the disk but the first entry has not been removed!

Amiga rules>what setting exact?(script i showed?)
I can tell you too!
Minimum req.: A500, 2 MB Chip, KS2.04, 68EC020 CPU
Colors on logo are WRONG!! Could be a WinUAE issue...
Apparently not compatible with A1200: demo breaks with either KS 3.0 (39.106) or KS 3.1 (40.068)!

Gold Disk>>bad dump I think
I thought that too!
But it works with Kickstart 1.2 (33.180) (and again fails with KS 1.2/33.166 - GRRR!)

Mega Demo III>Guru meditation!
Yup...possibly because they made a big mistake: they did not remember to unpack both single sided 440K DMS files on the *SAME* disk!! With the ones on POUET.NET, you DO have to do it this way!
Could get everything to work except from the short "EGO part", which appears a bit garbled...(disk fault??)

Nice scroller>starts and ....Guru meditation!
Crappy code in ancient decruncher - same shite as 'One Arm', committed by the same group: DEXION!
Again needs KS 1.2 (33.180) and even 512K chip mem only in total!
Also breaks with > 0K bogo RAM set - so remember to turn this off!

Boys in Blue>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
Yes! Because this appears to be a BROKEN binary! xfddecrunch gave me a data error! However, I could "unpack" the binary using PowerPacker 5.0b Professional, but it was of no use! Firstly, a recrunch of the depacked binary failed (no hunk header) and eventually I got an "Error code 121" when trying to start the uncompressed demo binary - seems we have to look out for a non-corrupt binary!

When we ride on our enemies>>WB1.3 screen
HD only - binary is 3,751,648 bytes!
AGA! A1200, 2 MB Chip, 8 MB Fast, Fastest Possible, 68040

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