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Arrow Graphics revolution, gameplay evolution

Today's games are just Retro-games with a facelift? Basically any game (even an Amiga game) can be traced back to its bare bones in being it a Pacman, Space Invaders or any pre-1985 game.

I think the major point is that games don't progress anymore gameplay-wise. The last PC game I ever played was the mighty MDK1 in 1997. At least this game runned fine on my Pentium 90 -just.
Now I have my new supa-dupa PC I can finally play the latest games. Apart from improved graphics and sonics I cannot say the gamesindustry has progressed far in the past five years.
Here is my experience with some games I have played the past few days:
- New York Race: Pole Position revisited with floating cars;
- Voyager Elite Force: Quake in space;
- DS9 The fallen: Rick Dangerous 2 revisited;
- Clive Barker's Undying: Quake in a horror-mansion;
- Tomb Raider Chronicles: Rick Dangerous mutated into a busty woman.
Games which really grabbed me are American Mc Gee's Alice with its weird and wonderful ideas and Evil Twin (just bought it this morning for only 9 Euro . Both are platformgames and being a fan of this genre I really like them.

But generally I have to say that I am disappointed about the quality of games I have played. They all feature fantastic sonix and gorgeous eyecandy but gameplaywise they are not better than their far-related predecessors in the Eighties.
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