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I'm just kidding. It isn't up to me what goes in and what stays out. It's just a joke to me that card, board and quiz is there at all. I mean, back in the day people generally didn't buy Amigas for games which are more fun in their original tabletop forms. They bought them for the new interactivity offered, like slick shoot 'em ups, pixel-perfect platformers, involved RPGs, witty point-&-click adventures etc. To my mind they're the genres that matter, and I think most Amiga gamers would agree.

And as for the Japanese, we all know they're a twisted bunch who consider almost anything entertainment (seen their reality tv shows?). They have an essentially dehumanised society and the commercial success of silly phenomena like Pokemon is proof of their low standards. They have made some good games, but their games offer the player no real freedom and have an "on-rails" feeling, especially as regards code-of-conduct. And I don't think Amigas were even sold there, were they?

Anyway, if people's favourite genre is "card or board" (LOL!!!) all power to them, though I do think they're missing the point of what gaming on the Amiga was all about. I suspect any votes in those genres would be disingenuous and just done for laughs but if anyone truly believes card and board is THE Amiga game genre (LOL!!!), then please don't be insulted by my comments.
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