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Regarding CD32 compilations!


One of my friends has recently got a CD32 (I've only ever had an A500 myself ), and he was showing me a series of '200, 350, 444 and 888 compilation CDs' that he got from this forum... (Please lock this if this topic is not permitted on this forum.)

I'd like to know a little more about these awesome compilations... where do they come from... who makes 'em, and how? I'm guessing they do some kind of immense trickery using a RAD disk... but beyond that, I don't know. (And also... why does the CD spin backwards for a moment? O_o)

I also noticed that several games seemed to make the screen go blank and the CD32 power LED brighter whenever they accessed the disk. (I assume that's what they're doing at least.) Is there a both-mouse-buttons way of getting around this?

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