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Now let's tackle the tough(er) stuff...:)

Well sjakie, you did not notice any reply from me. True, but I have been working the last 2 weeks on the demos in question behind the scenes as a sort of "after-work project"!

Note: "Error code 103" = Out of memory!

Authentik>> WB1.3 screen
AGA! - A1200, 2 MB Chip, 2 MB Fast

Crash>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
AGA! - A1200, 2 MB Chip, KS3.0, 68EC020 CPU, JIT
- Does not work with JIT off, maybe a WinUAE timing bug?
- The big font is garbled - rest works OK.

Fplay>>unable to run exe, error code 103
Demo is called "Fairplay" and it's in Finnish! It does not require AGA but it cannot run on plain 68000 either!
A500, 68020 CPU, 4 MB RAM (2 Chip + 2 Fast)

Hard Day>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
AGA - A1200

IL Tis>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
A500 + 2 MB Chip RAM + 68EC020 CPU
NOTE: WinUAE has a timing problem here!
As a preliminary "fix", use "Fastest possible" to get past the point when it freezes at the ILTIS screen (after the yellow-ish "time tunnel" graphics).

One Arm>>starts and ....Guru meditation!
Kickstart 1.2 (33.180) only!
Does not even work with Kickstart 1.2 (33.166) on A1000! The guy who packed this must have been a real idiot to just pig-headedly bind it to one KS revision!!

Raging Fire>>unable to run exe, error code 103
AGA - A1200
EXTREMELY SLUGGISH. This demo needs an extremely powerful PC to run properly.

Rain>>WB1.3 screen
HD ONLY! (binary is 3,224,944 bytes!)
A1200, 2MB Chip, 16 MB Z3 (normal fast may be zero), 68040 CPU

Re Run>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
Works with plain A500 configuration - no probs here.

Smoke bomb>>WB1.3 screen
HD ONLY! (binary is 3,419,296 bytes!)
A1200, 2 MB Chip, 8 MB Fast

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