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Originally Posted by marco pedrana
not me mate, him! what kind of bastard you take me for! ?
the kind of bastard i am proud to consider a forum buddy

okie... to land on a plannet, it has to have an *active* base..

to find a plannet with an active base you need to drop the green probe onto the star map.... you can follow its little trial to star upon that map... zoom in and you will notice the plannet that now has a flashing dot at the center (this is not the landing zone!) click your mouse pointer upon the plannet center and select ORBIT from the menu... this informs your salvage craft to orbit this new plannet..

once the SWAN (the name of your space craft) orbits the plannet you can then select the dot ( not the center ) of the plannet. once this has been selected you can then issue the lander to make a landing.

if all went well you should be able to take a stroll on dry land... just be carfull water will destroy your robots on contact!
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