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I've put together another version:

New demos:

- 242 - Virtual Dreams
- Extension - Pygmy Projects

I've also added a "Music" section that uses the (very limited) AmiBlitz MED/mod replayer routines, and fixed the visible Workbench title problem (an all-black system-configuration file from WB1.3 did the trick).

Finally, I've changed the menu system around quite a bit. The config file is now much more versatile and provides the following improvements:

- Menu title is set in config file instead of being hard-coded into the exe
- "rootdir" option makes moving files around (eg. whilst debugging) easier
- All options now have a prefix (eg. "dir=") that informs the launcher what the line is supposed to do
- Options can be spread over multiple "pages" (accessed with the left/right joypad controls)
- Holding up or down on the joystick now automatically moves through the options

Now all I need is some demo recommendations (hint hint).
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