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Ya' like it Retr0?
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LOL, i dont believe Bippy would want you to play *captive* with his woman LMAO!!!!!

@rest of you los.e.r....err.... non-captive players....
Although understated, if you could imagine playing a game for any REAL length of time... now imagine you have completed that game... and moved on and completed another game... and if you managed to complete 1 game every other month for a whole year.... that would only be captive.... level 6 base 1.

I got to level 20 base 4 or somthing..... its been a while...

I have some great memories of such an absorbing game that no matter how long i played always offered me something new to learn or different to do.

only one other game has come close to the emensity of captive and thats elite.

so spare a thought... imagine if your RPG characters of levels long past, with skills too legendary to imagine.... now imagine their existence hangs in the balance of 13 year old magnetic disk, that probly wasn`t stored as it should of been.....

tense eh?

i dont dare test mine!
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