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The problem is that real Amigas operate at something like:


While running software in PAL, the video card in your PC may not be capable of running such a resolution but it is possible via your registry.

Hit your START button
Click RUN
Type regedit and hit return

The registry editor will now load, if you are unsure about this program then close it now.

Click the EDIT menu and select FIND

In the search box type:


After a short delay you should be presented with a list of screen modes. These are the standard display modes supported by your video card:

Left Click 16 (this represents the 16-bit colour depth)
Right click and select New Key
Type 640,512 as the name and press return

Now on the right hand side of the screen double click (Default) and press RETURN in the "Value Data" box.

Close the Registry Editor and restart your computer, now try WinUAE and click the Display tab. If your card supports the 640x512 resolution you should see it in the pull-down menu, if not then your card doesn't support it.

This does NOT work on Voodoo 3 cards. PJ of Agnus and AmigaEmuNews fame pointed this out and states that it works fine on his machine.

Try at your own risk, let me know if it works for you right here.
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