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demobase amiga


I have checked the 52 not working demos sink.
There are 17 demos that work now!

THe other 35 have different errors,these are:

242DL75>>unable to run exe, error code 103
Amiga Rules>>unable to run exe, error code 103
Authentik>> WB1.3 screen
Bob plop>>unable to run exe, error code 121
Boys in Blue>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
Crash>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
Digital Dreams>>works,last screen(4th) doesn't work,GFX garble
Efter Plugget>>WB1.3 screen
Extra Value Pack 7>>Intro screen works,after that software error
Fatal Overdrive>>Guru meditation!
Fplay>>unable to run exe, error code 103
Gold Disk>>Guru meditation!
Hard Day>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
LL Tis>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
Major Delight 1>>wb unknown command cls
Mega Demo III>Guru meditation!
Never Where>>Intro screen freezes
Nice scroller>starts and ....Guru meditation!
One Arm>>starts and ....Guru meditation!
Pha Q>>exe not found
Raging Fire>>unable to run exe, error code 103
Rain>>WB1.3 screen
Re Run>>starts loading then stops, 1> ...nothing
Smoke bomb>>WB1.3 screen
SOS>>Guru meditation!
Tekkno trax>>starts loading,then black screen
The Seventh attempt>>starts loading,then black screen,resets after mouse click
Trashcan>>Guru meditation!
Voyager>>loads intro screen,then Guru meditation!
War Machine>>WB1.3 screen
When we ride on our enemies>>WB1.3 screen
Worldness 5 and 6>>WB1.3 screen
Worldness 9>>loads until 2nd screen then gfx hangs

I have purely checked these with the config you send me.
Good luck
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