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Originally Posted by SWOS
my A600 is 100% stock and i don't use a HD to play games, i just use the classic old disks.
To be honest if that is all you are using the A600 for, and dont want to step beyond that (say with a Hard disk or WHDLoad) then there seems little point to upgrade.

A little point on the upgrading though. A600's can be a bit finniky about Hard disk sizes when it comes down to it. Its all about the revisions of the Kickstart Roms (yep those again!)

If you are seriously going to upgrade then I would recomend the following

15 -- 3.1 Kickstart Rom
5 -- IDE to CF converter
20 -- 4GB CF Card
25 -- 1MB extra Chip module
15 -- 2MB PCMCIA SRAM card


80 -- this puts your a600 at the extreme end an its not cheap...

admitedly you could cut it cheaper by a corner or two, or even get lucky on ebay a few times. but as new components go.


If all you are gonna do is use floppy based games, save your money swos and maybe by a replacement internal floppy drive or even an extra external one.
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