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Hmmm... I haven't actually completed that many Amiga games, although I've played some very much. The Amiga entered my life in a time when piracy were the next big thing... and the first Amiga I bought offered me over 300 disks filled with games. As always when there is too much to chose from... I tend to try out the games more than I play them, and hence... there were lots and lots of 'trying out' sessions going about... with very few games actually completed in the process (one of the reasons I tend to buy most the older games I want to play nowadays... if going emulating I simply won't have that much fun... which is also one of the reasons for me coming to this conclusion: Wii + VirtualConsole = heaven). Anyways... the games I can come up with at the moment must be:

Banshee AGA
Battle Squadron - The Destruction of the Barrax Empire
Beneath a Steel Sky
Bob's Bad Day
Breathless AGA
Brian the Lion AGA
Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck
Civilization AGA
Defender of the Crown
Gloom AGA
Gobliins 2
Goblins 3
Heimdal II AGA
Hugo På Nye Eventyr
Indiana Jones IV - The Fate Of Atlantis
Legends AGA
Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards
Rise Of The Robots AGA
Sim Ant
Sim City v1.2 (500.000+ population)
Simon The Sorceror AGA
The Chaos Engine AGA
The Great Giana Sisters
The Secret Of Monkey Island
The Secret Of Monkey Island II - Le Chuck's Revenge
Turrican II - The Final Fight (35 lives left)
Turrican 3 (Level: Maniac)

...there's more, but I am way too tired to come to think of any others...
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