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Angry Last Ninja 2

I planned on doing a longplay for RAG, but...
Have you ever wondered what a worstcase scenario looks like?
Well look no further.
This is as bad as it gets.
Did they hire a trained monkey to do this?
I guess not, even a monkey could do better.
A stick in a turd has more playability than this.
I loathe it and do not ever wanna play nor see this again.
I'm deleting every single version I have of this crap, I do not want to soil my Amiga, PC or WinUAE ever again.
I'm so sorry for ever soiling you like this dear WinUAE.
I'd rather be forced to play E.T. on an Atari 2600.
I'd rather go hiking in the hills with Billy Bob, Bubba and Cletus with his banjo.
So for the people responsible for this, THANK YOU very much for screwing up one of my alltime favourites on the Commodore 64.
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