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You are?

Do you have a shop I can visit? And if so what are the opening hours / where are you based?

Basically the reason I want to tower it is because the casing is all yellow and looks a bit poor and also a space issue. I then think it will be a lot easier to get a PS2 keyboard for it (and if that breaks who cares)

I'm not bothered about adding graphics / sound cards to it yet. I would like to add a CDROM / DVD ROM to it though.


Ninja edit: Amiga 1200 I have with 8MB 030 Expansion.

Samurai edit: Another reason I have for towering it is that I have to open up the Amiga to upgrade the hard-drive and ROMs so I may as well move it all over.

Karate edit: Has anyone used the IDE to Compact Flash adapter? Is it hard to install? Does it perform as well as a hard-drive? Can you partition it?

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