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I hope I didn't say Amiga games were purely original games. That would've been a big mistake.

I just thought of a good example of innovative gaming on the PC though. At least I can't recall ever having played anything like it.

It was a game called Quest for Fame (Not to be confused with Sierra's quest for glory). This game came with a simple piece of hardware to plug into your computer. The only thing it was supposed to do was register whenever you banged it against something.

The core object of the game was that you were some guy stuck in his bedroom playing your electric guitar and once in a while had a gig with a local band who practiced in a garage.

Except for clicking on songs and stuff all you had to do was keep a rythm to the songs played which could get pretty hard. It was fun to hear your weak little guitar (which sound could be customized) when you were off the beat and just thrashing random strokes.

Incredibly simple gameplay but dang addictive. I remember thinking how it would be fun to make a game thingie with somewhat the same game but with the ability to have you play after one of the channels in a MOD file or something like that. All you'd have to do was specify the channel, and then just keep up with when new samples were started.

If you wanted to take strange first person games into consideration I think you should consider Thief. Wow a first person game where you don't have to shoot everything in sight. At least not if you care to win the game. Better stay out of sight.

And how about Ultima underworld and System shock? At least UU was released before Doom offering total freedom of movement, something Doom didn't. An inventory to make use from (like games such as Arena and Deus ex) and spells to use. UU and SS were huge games with plenty of stuff packed into them. Sure there might not be that much dialog in them but there is some. I'm still sad I never got System shock CD edition to work properly. Would've been so nice to have voice logs.

And burseg. There are people who can't cope with creativity and want realism. Too bad for them. Take Alice for a run of the mill 3rd person like first person shoot em up game. That's far from realistic.
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