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Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
I have bought several things from SoftHut.
I never had any problems whatsoever.
Same here, although the last 2-3 times I enquired about goods in stock they were quite slow to reply (over 1 week). Seems a lot of the hardware listed on their website is long gone. Wish they would update their catalogue......would save them and customers a lot of wasted time sending emails.

Originally Posted by DDNI
I see that the fact that Softhut still sells Amiga software is often used as a reason why some apps/games should not be shared. This may be a valid point, but I would like to know if the authors/developers of the software that Softhut sells get paid anything at all.
Software Hut have a lot of stock of software....some that they bought themselves directly from publishers/distributors way back when (mostly apps), and some that they've acquired in recent years from other dealers that have closed down or gone bankrupt (both games and apps). All the software I've ever bought from them has been legit. They're a small operation these days and try to do their best, so I wouldn't be too down on them for trying to earn a living in the Amiga market.

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