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Originally posted by CodyJarrett
We used to see more creativity because it was the era of the bedroom programmer. Anyone with an idea could make a game. That's how the great ideas came about.

Nowadays it's more of a 'business' to make a game, so more people are involved and there is less creativity. Companies need to sell the games and weird and wonderful ideas don't sell.

Also, it's the age of more realistic gaming. There is less chance for abstract ideas.

However, I don't think that this change is necessarily a bad thing. We see a lot of modern games which are wonderful to play - it's just that today's gaming experience is somewhat different from yesteryear.

I personally like playing through first person shoot-'em-ups (if someone doesn't like Deus Ex or Half-Life, then it's likely that they've never played it). I also like the greater immersion into game worlds, for example - fighting battles on planets in the Battlezone remake. And huge RPGs (Ultima) and strategy games (Age Of Empires 2) are superb.

The online gaming scene is also without equal. And stuff like Counterstrike and Team Fortess Classic are free to play.

With the Amiga we've seen the equivalent of the 1930s and 1940s era of movies (in some ways). There were a hell of a lot of great movies and innovation (and rubbish ones too, but that's the same in every year). But today's movies are different - there is little that is new. It doesn't mean that I still can't enjoy a new movie, though.

"realistic" gaming .. that is a classic .. look at the crap the EA produces .. anyway I guess it works for some gamers out there .. I do agree that some of the new games are great, but none the less they are just the same old "RTS / RPG / Strategy / Shootem up / 3D / Platformer" remade to look something new... which sadly most of the time does not work for me.

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