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To KG one must listern


If i could recomend anything it would be what KG preaches from the highest tower.

  • CBM A1200 (rev 1d4)
  • 32MB 030@40+ (Blizzy Mk4 or Apollo Mk3)
  • 4GB HDD (be this Compact Flash or Real HDD)
For networking:
  • CF card via PCMCIA
    by far it is the simplest to setup and run quite quickly
  • PCMCIA Wifi / Rj45 NIC
    This can be simple to setup if you have a router or DHCP service.
    Networking can get a little technical for those whom are not sure about it.

if you are on a budget however
  • CBM A1200 (rev 1d4)
  • A PCMCIA friendly Memory board or limmiting it to 4MB
    Hawk boards are arround £35 at the moment on ebay.
  • A 4GB Hard Disk
    If you weigh up the cost of CF adapter and CF card, it would probly be cheaper to buy a 2.5" hard disk.

as a final note, and one that really is worth the purchase; register WHDLoad, it is indeed a great piece of software and invaluable for gamming.

I hope that helps

On your A600 what TCP stack are you running? is it a native 68000 or is it modded?
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