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Sound Tracker songs problem

recently transformed some old ST (sound tracker) song discs of my music to adf. Two of them could not get started. I copied a working disc with adf opus and transfered the files to it. In one case that worked. In the other case, when I click to load a song, the program halts forever. Is there a way to repair these songs? I believe there is content in them. Adf opus shows a normal size for the files, and by opening them on notepad I see there is data in there. If I could open them without geting these @$%£$&* symbols, maybe I could fix the problems. Or is there another way? Please help me! Thank you!

P.S. 1 The above mentioned disc was damaged. Still, the song files were retrived. But by copying them to a good format song disc (ST-00 disc) I thought they should work.

P.S. 2 I would gladly send the adf file to anyone who believes he can do something about them.
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